Far, Far, Away…

In The Daily Drool on October 7, 2009 at 6:03 pm

Today was one of those days where I just wanted to pack it all in and run somewhere (VERY) far away.  Maybe it was the combination autumn air and new hair (If I’m not cutting it, I’ve got to be coloring it in) but whatever it was, it had a hold of my tightly – stirring dreams of a simpler, prettier world that makes more sense to me than this weird one I’m currently inhabiting.

I mean, I’m a few days shy of 31 and while the writing is going well (thank goodness and knock on wood) there are so many other areas of my life that are.. well, floundering.  I’m tired of romantic flops- hoping instead to find a partnership that lasts (you know I’m thinking about kids too!  WTF biological clock?!  Cut the girl some slack!)  I look around and see so few happy marraiges out here that LA’s romantic track record alone is enough to make one want to high-tail it to Alaska.  Can I really find love in this city?  Am I even looking or just hoping it finds me?  GAH!  I don’t know.  But I do know that there is a veeery strong voice in here telling me that the kind of man I’m looking for doesn’t much live for LA either.

Then there is the job disaster.  Although I am teaching acting one day a week (and really enjoying that!  Yay!)  And doing this other field interview thing once or twice a week, I’m not making enough money to live on!  I just keep adding to the Tiffany Deficit and am even now getting giddy about restaurant interviews, such is the need for steady work!  (I had an interview at a restaurant today, BTW, and it went well.  HOWEVER, The interviewer flat out told me that since they have so many people applying they can afford to be really choosy.  They have a three-step interview process!  I have to wait for interview # 2 and  should hear about that by Friday.  Cross your fingers!)

So you see, all of this seems to be telling me that possibly I should listen a little closer to the wander-lust bug that’s whispering in my ear… But where would I go?

Ahhh, so many questions and uncertainties.  Today was a hard day to stay in LA.

I don’t know how to put just a song here for listening, so here’s a (slightly scary) picture of Ingrid Michaelson to stare at while you listen to one of my favorite songs about getting the eff out of Dodge (or anywhere).

  1. Well let me start by saying that you should not be feeling alone. We, the romantics, might be a minority, but we nevertheless exist, and perhaps one day, we shall all rejoice only to realize that the world is truly ours, regardless..

  2. I can attest that there is a lack of good marriages everywhere, not just in LA. Good luck, Tiffany, hang in there… you’re an inspiration!

  3. YOU are the inspiration! I don’t know how you do it all Jason… you could probably teach a class on time management and keeping the faith! Thanks for the encouragement, sometimes a girl just gets the blues 🙂

  4. I would be so sad if you went far, far away. (Though the song was lovely!) Who would go to the theater with me? Or, better yet, live to tell the tale with me of Annette Benning getting her greek on in the sand?

    Chasing The Blues Away Tip #6: Peanut M&M’s while watching Die Hard or Terminator. Works every time.

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