Oh Dear! Where’ve I Gone?

In The Daily Drool on October 5, 2009 at 9:19 am

Ahhh, gentle readers, the time… it has gotten away from me.  Between starting a new blog, trying to find/get a new job, and disinfecting the house after the kitty-grossness, I’m afraid I’ve been a little lax in the upkeep.  Then there is the matter of the recent heartbreak and my resultant devotion to “SLEEP, just sleep it all away”  (my version of the fast forward button I think) and, well, you can see the problems.

BUT, this weekend the tide began to turn (finally!)  I was quite busy with a lot of fun stuff- so much fun in fact that I laughed more this weekend than I think I have in the past three weeks and it was wonderful!  I mean, isn’t there a saying about… OH YEAH, Laughter is the best medicine.  OF COURSE IT FRIGGIN IS!

How easy it is to forget about joy when you’re holed up in your apartment licking your wounds!   And right now, with life being as crazy as it is for so many of us, it’s refreshing to escape the cloud of “Woe is me!” whoever your “me” may be and whatever your “woe,” and spend an evening with friends.  They make you feel human again, they remind you that the world is not that scary of a place, and they also remind you that you’re not alone.

I don’t know about you, but I tend to sequester myself when sad… I wrap my sadness around me for company and hide.  Being reminded that I don’t have to do that helps relieve some of the burden of my own self-appointed exile.  I feel better after this fun-filled weekend than I have in weeks.

So Thank you, to my dear friends who have been so wonderful, and so much fun.  Thank you to the calendar Gods who assigned so much activity to these past three days.  And thank you, to my readers who (I hope) enjoy coming here to read.

(I promise something better tomorrow 🙂

  1. You sound just like me. I know the feeling of SLEEP! I know the feeling of wrapping my sadness for company and hiding in my home. You couldn’t express this any better for both of us. I have enjoyed YOU! Thank you.

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