Don’t worry Mama, your daughter won’t grow up to be a Paparazzi.

In Photography, The Daily Drool on September 30, 2009 at 6:25 pm

I got a call yesterday from the Austrian Trade Org.  At first I started to giggle, because why in the world would the Austrian Trade Org be calling me if it wasn’t really some crazy scam artist about to tell me that I had just won a million Euro and if I would be so kind as to give them my account #, social, and first born child, they would messenger it right over.

But my giggles were ill-placed because the delightful woman on the other line wanted to speak to Tiffany Lee (my photography alter-ego) about taking photos of the Govenator when he stopped by their booth at the Governor’s Global Summit.

Wow!  Would I?  Sure!

So I did!

Arnold Schwarzenegger and the Austrian Trade Org.

AND it was fun.  But wow, little skinny-minnie that I am, I got moved around by those bodyguards like I was a lamp.  And the other photographers there? Brutal!  I am way too polite for that sort of thing.

In fact, it went something like this:  “Umm, Excuse me.  Excuse me.  I need to- right there actually, if I could be right there?  Thank you?”  And a big bodyguard man would let me creep forward an inch while another photographer stuck their mega-zoom in my face.  And all the while I kept hearing the Cheer Section in my psyche chanting Be Aggressive, Be Be Aggressive!

But then he was at the ATO booth and Arnold’s bodyguards shuttled me into a nook, and in that nook I stayed…  Until the group photo moment came.  Then I got to click, click, away for about 8.7 seconds before another strong handed fellow firmly steered me back into my nook.

And I have to say, for the big, strong men that they are, and at the rate of speed with which all this happened, they were incredibly polite.

Those other photographers though?  Pushy as can be.  I looked around and thought “Event photography?  Yes.  Paparazzi style?  No!”

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