Julie and Julia – a treat!

In Essays, The Daily Drool on September 21, 2009 at 12:49 pm

So I finally saw Meryl Streep as Julia Child and Amy Adams as the slightly neurotic writer-turned-blogger-turned-cooking enthusiast that idolizes her, and while both women were fantastic they wound up taking second stage to the FOOD!  This is a really warm and funny movie, but my mom and I walked out of the theater absolutely STARVING for some buttery goodness and it struck me as quite funny that we were both clutching our rumbling bellies, absolutely focused on deciding where we were going to go to quiet the hunger pains.

Because you can’t have McDonalds after watching these women make beef bourguignon.

And I was thinking, as we were headed to Olive Garden (I know, it’s not French, but it’s DELICIOUS!), that food is an important part of our lives not just because it fuels our bodies, but because it also fuels our souls.

Everything we do in life is geared towards pleasure- the pleasure of fine company, the pleasure of new toys, and the pleasure of good food.  We go out to eat when we want to celebrate, we go out to eat when we want to cheer ourselves up… Food is perhaps one of the simplest forms of comfort we can give ourselves- so why shouldn’t we be passionate about it?  Why shouldn’t we take care in the preparing?  Why shouldn’t we strive to sit down together more often and share in it?

When I was growing up we always had dinner together.  Now, it may not always have been flavor over function- you can’t eat like a French Chef every night of the week – but we always ate together.  It was a time to sit down and recount the day’s events, good or bad, to touch base with the ones we loved and remember that we were part of a whole family unit.  I know a lot of people who missed out on the daily dinner, and it makes me sad.  I think this routine was strengthened our family’s ties.  We were in this thing called life together!  And we didn’t always get along or necessarily want to sit across from one another, but we did.  And I think we’re better for that.

Because there are more than enough moments for “Self” in the day to obsess about deadlines, contracts, assignments, and bills, but there is nothing like surrounding yourself with the people you live with, the people you live for,  and sharing a meal.

I know it’s how I want my children to grow up.

So go see the movie!  Let yourself indulge in the simple things!  It’s a genuinely good-hearted film and it might just awaken in you a joy of cooking!

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