Always on my mind

In Essays on August 27, 2009 at 2:20 pm

I’ve been a bit of a task-master these past two weeks- I’ve been cleaning out my apartment, reorganizing furniture, and painting the walls – it’s felt fantastic!  And although there are other things on my “To Do” list, things that could potentially be heading the “DO IT NOW” list… I’ve realized that as long as I’m working to the ends of at least something on that damned list, I feel alright.

For instance, the apartment update needed to be done for the sake of my psyche – and the glorious thing about it is that I can still write!  My brain doesn’t just turn off when I’m schlepping paint at my walls, it’s dreaming away about crazy people and their worlds, stewing over rough patches in those I’ve already committed to paper, and scheming up loglines for those in the hopper.

And I’ve noticed that this tendency to always be writing holds true to just about everything else I do as well.  I’m always one foot in this world and one with my muse.

So, I don’t have to feel guilty about taking a little time to tend to earthly matters – in fact sometimes it’s best to put yourself to task so that the brain can work things out on its own, free from the spotlight of the writerly mind.


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