In The Daily Drool on August 23, 2009 at 6:33 pm

So I’ve been cleaning (yay) and now I am painting.  It’s glorious!  There is something so satisfying about making a place your own.  But let’s talk about how it’s taken me nearly 4 years to do so…

I moved into my current apartment when I got into grad school, every bit the believer that once I graduated I’d probably be leaving The Land of the Lost (Los Angeles) for something smaller and with better air… Well, the past year has been brutal, but I’ve realized I’m not leaving this place any time soon.  So I looked around my campsite and realized that it looks like a transient lives here… stacks of papers to deal with “Later” and some mediocre paint job I slapped together just after moving in.

That’s all changing now.  I mean, I can’t afford new furniture, so the same old hand-me-downs and Ikea spawn will have to suffice, but the actually setting it up to look like a grown up lives here?  Priceless.  I’ve been in limbo for so many months now, it’s time to take some control over that which I can and get my nest in order.

So, be looking for some Before/After pics soon… And then I can get to removing the paint from my hair.


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