Oh, Brother!

In The Daily Drool on August 16, 2009 at 9:12 pm

Sometimes I wish I had my brother’s carefree attitude…  The one that tells him not to worry about anything because it’s all going to work out just fine – so he doesn’t and things do.

Not me.

I am a worry machine.  I read books that tell me to stop stressing about things I can’t possibly predict or control, and then I worry about not stressing… It’s ridiculous.

So of course the machine starts up again when I return to LA after a much appreciated sojourn with the parents and realize just how long I’ve (already) put off my current job hunt by staying home as long as I did.  Obviously I needed it.  And I wouldn’t have shortened it if you paid me… okay, well, maybe if you paid me.  But it was wonderful and I’m so happy I went, only here I am now with a tad bit of panic.

Which has me wondering just how it is that my brother and I can be so very diferent in so many ways – chief among them my tendancy to try to anticipate everything and his ability to just take it as it comes.

Maybe it’s time for the big sister to take a lesson from lil’ bro… because most of the time everything is alright, right now.  Worrying about it isn’t going to do anything for me.  It’s just a big hairy monster that feeds on itself and makes me feel crappy.  So let’s try not to worry!

I will find a job.  I will find a job.  I will find a job that pays well and doesn’t drive me crazy…  I will!


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