Home, Home on the Range…

In The Daily Drool on August 9, 2009 at 3:28 pm

The cooking range that is… Why is everything yummier when mom makes it?

Beause it’s made with LOVE.

But seriously, there is something spiritually soothing about being home where the cooking is always great and the company loves you no matter what your hair starts to do as a result of “Vacation Neglect.”

I have to say that with every visit I appreciate more and more the joys of sharing space with people I know.  And I mean really know.  Living in LA can be a damned lonely experience… people come and go, drifting in and out of social circles with a frighteningly cavalier attitude.  It’s probably because no matter what, there is another bunch of personalities sitting the next table over, so what’s to worry about?

But I don’t operate like that.

It’s not easy for me to let people in, so why wouldn’t I want to make sure the ones I do grant entrance to are planning on staying?  It’s a hollow world if you have to stop letting them in to protect yourself, but you can’t be opening yourself up to every Los Angeleno that comes along… they just don’t stick around.

Landing at home-base eases my soul of any pretense or worry… here, at least, are guaranteed hugs and smiles.


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