The grass is always greener…

In The Daily Drool on August 6, 2009 at 9:27 pm

I grew up in AZ – a mulit-terrained state boasting some of the most beautiful country around.  But it’s hot.  And people have rocks in their front yards instead of grass because, well, it’s hot.  And dry.  And it’s hot.

I remember the first time I visited LA as an adult, I spent a large part of my time staring around myself in wonder over all the green.   Fast forward and I’ve been living here about 11 years now and I’m still a sucker for our flowered trees and luscious grass.  But it’s not only the vegetation that pleases – it’s the weather… or lack thereof.  I mean, sunny and 75 (while not all that exciting) is a hard thing to walk away from once acclimated.  I can’t even go home now without sharp complaints about the heat (in the summer) and the damn cold (in the winter).  I’ve completely bought into the SoCal thermostat.

Then there is the nearness of the ocean.  I love water, and being near the awesome Pacific is peace on a grand scale.  I think it would be difficult for me to return to the land of the landlocked… even when I don’t get to visit her for a while, knowing that the deep blue is present and available makes me smile.  (Not to mention that delicious ocean breeze that floats over the Westside)

All in all, I guess I’m devoting some considerable appreciation to the city that usually gives cause for my furrowed brow.  Perhaps it is because I am going home for a visit and know that the dry Arizona air will soon be chapping my lips and wrecking havoc on my hair…  In any case, I’ll say hello to the rocks for you.


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