Good Vibrations

In Essays, The Daily Drool on August 6, 2009 at 7:51 am

You’ve heard it before – “If she can find someone, anybody can!” – an oft lobbed remark made when someone one considers un-dateable (or logging too many problems) gets herself partnered up.  But I am here to challenge that thought as vastly flawed.

If you were to liken people’s energy to vibrations, you would see that many of the middle-grounders (or for the sake of this conversation “Regular” people) occupy the same frequencies… a virtual hum of personalities, each blending in with those around him/her.  Those individuals that the general population would consider “Odd” hum at a different frequency – their quirks so prominent that it affects their whole being – Thus these vibrational “Oddities” would have a much easier time hearing one another over the din of the “Regular.”

So, you see, a mutual pairing of the “Unexpected” is not cause for celebration amongst the masses, for it foretells no such similar luck.  Rather, it speaks of one of the perks of operating outside the bubble (so to speak) – a just reward for an otherwise unfair suffering of judgement from the lonely class.

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