In The Daily Drool on July 31, 2009 at 10:00 pm

I realized a few weeks ago that all of the energy I was pouring into the kids at the performing arts camp I was teaching at was coming at a price- that I couldn’t possibly sustain that kind of effort without it sapping some juice from my personal life at the same time.  Well, after 6 weeks of so much “giving” I find myself turning my nose up at even the slightest hint of “need.”

It’s just that I’m tired.  And I’m a single girl who’s been tending to 53 kids, every day, without anyone at home to ask me about my day and tend to me… (Not that being single is to blame – many a partnered gal could make the same complaint)  but my point is this:  I’ve been giving my all to these kids and now it’s time to recharge my batteries, so I just don’t have any extra to hand out.

That’s not to say the process wouldn’t be accelerated if I had a little help… a footrub or two, a nice dinner… you know, treats.  But where’s that going to come from?  The cats?  Gar!  Sometimes being single in LA can be a real pain in the ass.  Maybe I just need to get my feet to the pedi-place and pay someone to rub my piggies.  Maybe it doesn’t matter who’s giving the love as long as the love’s being absorbed into each little toe…

In any case, it’s an interesting feeling to have hit your limit – to just not care about excuses or someone else’s crap.  Revel me with tales of your adventures, catch me up on all the news, but don’t ask me for anything.

The Tiffany shop is closed for inventory.

  1. I am now working on knowing how to not spend my limit. It is really hard when you have absolutely no background or training in it — when, in fact, you have been raised to only think of others AND have major enabling proclivities anyway. JEEZ.

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