In The Daily Drool on July 25, 2009 at 1:36 pm

Ahh, the genius bug… not all of us have it.

I was out doing some light shopping today when I overheard Poor, Mathmatically Challenged Girl talking to Disbelieving Manager and Appalled Customer.  Allow me to transcribe…

POOR, MATHEMATICALLY CHALLENGED GIRL (PMCG for short) : She says they’re on sale.


PMCG: But it’s not ringing up.

APALLED CUSTOMER: They’re 50% off.

PMCG: So it’s $10?

MANAGER: Well, let’s see… It’s regularly $19.98, so that’s… $9.99, right?


Manager stares.


PMCG: But it’s $19.98.


PMCG: So that’s about $20.  So half of 20 is 10.

Manager and Customer look at one another in shock and disbelief.  Manager makes an embarassed chuckle, addresses PMCG.

MANAGER: half of $19.98 is $9.99.

PMCG: Alright, well then you ring it up, because I don’t think that’s right.

PMCG steps aside, arms folded and face stern.  Manager looks towards the heavens, thinking “Why me?”

Seriously folks, these people are out there – ringing up your purchases, sticking gum under theater seats, watching reality T.V…

It’s a mad, mad world – Just do the math.

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