A toothy surpise

In Essays, The Daily Drool on July 19, 2009 at 8:58 am

I have recurring dreams about my teeth falling out.  I’ve looked this up in dream dictionaries before – most say that my dreams might be due to concern about loosing control of my words or my words loosing power.  I’ve always rolled my eyes at this, believing the source of these dreams to be a gross fascination with my own orthodontic experience leaving me with a subconscious fear that my teeth could literally move of their own accord and leave me with nothing but gums…

Until now.

Today I had a lovely reading of a new play of mine – one that had been causing me a fair bit of forehead thumping and disappointment.  Well the reading went really well and turned out to be quite encouraging!  I got a lot of positive feedback and the actors did such a nice job with the text that I was really able to locate the places I needed to retool.  Yay!  So I came home with a smile, nibbled some cake and took a nap, transporting myself immediately into a theater where I was on stage and my teeth were falling out.  HA!  But what happend next hasn’t ever happened before – rather than bubbling over with panic and trying to hide the disaster occuring in my mouth (all those loose teeth wiggling with every word) I explored the revealed gum with the help of a mirror and saw that right there, where my incisor used to be was the bud of a brighter, whiter, sharper new tooth.

I mean, WoW!  I’m dreaming in metaphors.

Here I had been worried about this play that had been haunting me for so long and was happily surprised to find that it’s not quite the unmanageable monster that I had thought it was… now I’m dreaming about my teeth falling out but in their place are better ones.

I’m still kind of thrilled by my brain’s masterful making of the point.

  1. The play is BRILLIANT. Simply BRILLIANT. I love that your brain is giving you a break and letting you experience that…can’t wait to see what happens next with it.

  2. Thank you Katherine! You really lifted Bonnie off the page – heaps of thanks for that! Especially as I head into revisions…

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