Jumping out of my skin

In The Daily Drool on July 16, 2009 at 5:49 pm

I want a vacation.

Maybe it’s all the summer sun and swarming LA tourists, but there is a jumping bean inside me that is shrieking for some fun.

I’ve been googling, yahooing, and travelocitying all sorts of possibilities – trips I can’t afford to take, trips I could afford to take if I ate bologna for a month in penance, and trips that are within reach if only I could convince myself it’s alright to take a little time for fun before hitting the unemployment treadmill again.  (Camp ends in two weeks and I’ll be free of the youngsters educational responsibilities.)

So… any suggestions?

  1. Palm Springs — always amazing, and CHEAP in the summer.

  2. Drive up to Paso Robles and go wine tasting. It’s right up the 101 (about 3 hours), you could find a nice little hotel to stay overnight, and you could spend a nice day checking out wines. You only need pay for gas, food, and hotel. Most places let you taste for free…but not all. (And that was before the “economic downturn”.) And you can buy what you like.

    A great trip either for friends or for…a little romance.

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