Evil Grocer Bandits Vs. the Little Leather Pocketbook

In Essays, The Daily Drool on July 10, 2009 at 7:44 am

I’ve not been paying all that much attention to the news lately… perhaps it’s because it has all been so awful.  So when my grocery bill kind of took my socks off this week, I set to scanning it with fervor – and guess how surprised I was to see that our sales tax had gone UP!  I am now paying nearly 10 cents to the dollar on every CA purchase!  OUCH!

But that’s not all I realized… the price of the taxable groceries have gone up too.  Way up.  What’s even more appalling is that the crafty price gougers at Ralph’s have gone about it with such deceit!  You see, they raise the price of your favorite orange juice from $3.69 to $4.29, then they attach one of those little “Ralph’s Club member price” tags to the case screaming out the new bargain price of $3.69.  You toss a carton in your basket, not realizing that the new “sale” price is the old regular price, and that the only one doing any saving is Mr. Ralph himself.

And you get angry.

Your grocery bill is higher, your taxes are higher… gas is outrageous!   And you start to wonder how evil McDonald’s really is if they’re the only deal left in town.   I mean, selling double cheeseburgers for a buck!  That’s a downward-spiraling-economy’s golden ticket.

But in all honesty, just what the $$$ is going on?

At one of my waitressing jobs, I remember very distinctly the owner coming in with new menus, having just raised all the prices.  When I asked what to tell our customers when they asked why the raise in prices, he told me (with a very straight face) that the Iraq war was to blame.  I guffawed (because I do that when handed a plate of grade A bullshit) and told him that I seriously doubted customers were going to believe that tensions overseas were causing a price jump in lettuce.

But they did.

And he kept raising those prices as a result.

Because what happened is that the people transporting the lettuce were paying out the ass in gas – it was cutting into their profits.  So they raised their prices to transport, which in turn cut into the lettuce growers profits, so they raised the price of the lettuce, which led my employer to raise the price of his salads… which led some of our customers to stay home for lunch where they could make their own damn salad.

And I just can’t help but wonder when it is all going to end?  Will it take till consumers have nothing left to give?  Who is winning here?  Are the people at the top taking any cuts, or are they just bleeding us all dry in order to keep their own busting bank accounts full?   I hear about CEO’s loosing their multi-million dollar bonuses, but when will any of it help US out?

I just have to wonder, with everyone passing the buck, how are we ever going to settle this disastrous bill?

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