Piecing it together-ish

In The Daily Drool on July 5, 2009 at 2:34 pm

It’s a weird feeling, the waking up after a long bout of “Up” ness.  I mean those mornings that come after you’ve pulled an all nighter, feeling like a viking or some such thing that is impervious to the winking, blinking, and nod – the fog around you so thick, you have to wonder “Was that last night?  Or yester morning…  I mean, just what exactly have I been doing the past 24 hours and why?”

Because you lived two days without hitting the reset button – and it feels like three as a result.  Reaching back through the hours is like dipping your finger into tar, and trying to make sense of it is like painting with tar; sticky.

So you tumble into bed, and it’s the afternoon of some day after the all-nighter, (you don’t really care which) and let your eyes shut out this world for a spell.  It’s only later, upon the refreshed re-entry that you can start to make sense of the marathon, understand why the Cheetoh’s are wedged between the couch cushions and the iPod is set on repeat.


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