In The Daily Drool on June 20, 2009 at 10:37 pm

There’s a sad thing happening right now… well, there are a lot of sad things happening, at large… but I’m thinking about one thing in particular.  Someone I was very close to, have in fact spent copious hours with laughing, talking, enjoying the world, has begun to drift away.  And it’s not as thought there is a rift between us – nothing has happened, per say.  We just don’t seem to be doing much of the things we used to enjoy doing together.  I can’t explain it, and it makes me sad.

Is this just something that happens?  You meet people who flow in and out of your life all the time, some stay, some go… but occasionally one lands with such sunshine that your waters feel warmer just by their being there – and they get cold if that person swims too far away.

I’m thinking that it’s just a part of life, but I can’t help but wonder as my friend gets farther out to sea, if we were really as sunny as I thought.  I mean, if we were so in tune, why would they now be merrily on their way?  Wouldn’t they miss me as I do them?

Or does friendship, like the ocean, suffer the same pull of the moon?  Tides swelling and fading by an invisible hand?  Is the trick in just enjoying the wave while it’s here?


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