Going Postal

In The Daily Drool on June 18, 2009 at 4:29 pm

If ever there were a postal employee with an organic sense of urgency, I’m sure he/she was publicly ostracized in front of fellow employees until they learned to SLOW IT DOWN.  Because God forbid anyone else tried to catch up.

What is it with govn’t jobs?  Is there some training book upon hiring that reads “You do not have to give a shit to work for the US government!  You do not have to show initiative, be productive, or care about the customer.  In fact, if you feel you might do any of these things, you should probably try to get a job somewhere, anywhere else, but here.  That’s just not how we roll.”

Oh for the day when I go into a post office, Courthouse, DMV, etc. and someone actually SMILES at me, knows what they’re talking about, and gets it done quickly.

Of course, I’ll probably be so terrified by all the pigs flying overhead that a newly-efficient post office would be vastly overshadowed.


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