Tick, Tick, Splat!

In The Daily Drool on June 1, 2009 at 7:59 pm

I know I am not the only person feeling like time goes too quickly… but I do take pause to wonder how I could feel so pressed for time when I am UNEMPLOYED.  I mean, I have a teaching gig lined up come the end of June, but I have already been “off” for one month, and it has absolutely FLOWN by!  

I think it’s because I normally have about three full time jobs at any given moment; Writing, Photography, and whatever pays the bills.  Not to mention the other little odds and ends that I get myself committed to.  A regular day for me generally used to involve going to “Work” somewhere they cut paychecks, then coming home to “Work” on my latest script.  If it was a really busy day, I’d squeeze a photography client in the morning or after work too.  

No wonder I was always running on fumes.

The past month I’ve been living like a writer- that is to say I’ve been working every day like writing is my job, and it’s been LOVELY.  Because your hours aren’t steady… Or at least mine aren’t.  I tend to wake up and work for a bit, then runs errands or take a reading/cleaning/emailing break in the afternoon, then back to the keys.  And somewhere in there I eat.  

So, although I am greatly relieved to have a paycheck headed my way, I will miss this comfortable schedule!  At least I’ve still got three more weeks to make the most of…


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