You know it’s time to go to the store when…

In Essays, The Daily Drool on May 26, 2009 at 9:52 am

I am not, by any means, agoraphobic… I just don’t like having to climb over people to get to the toothpaste, a cute blouse, or any other such purchasable sort of thing.  So imagine my dismay at realizing that all sorts of things were coming to their finish this weekend…  Memorial Day weekend… Shopping Central. 

Now, obviously, had I been paying any sort of attention to details, I could have stocked up pre-OHMYGODIT’SGONE-ness, but I wasn’t.  Why?  Well…

I have a little tendency to park my butt in front of my computer screen with such willful determination that I lose track of basic things… a few revelatory thoughts that have come to mind in those situations are “Hey, what’s the grumbling sound?  Oh, it’s 10:00 and I haven’t eaten since 3.”  or  “Gee, I’m really, really cold all of the sudden… maybe it’s because it’s only 60 degrees in here and I never turned on the heat or put on some socks!”  or “Wow, I have cats?” So it’s no wonder that at the end of a long date with my laptop I can look around my apartment and be stunned by the lack of basics… 

This weekend I ran out of: toothpaste, toilet-paper, and contact solution.  My fix-its were to break into the travel kit for the toothpaste, park a box of kleenex next to the toilet, and wear the shit out of my glasses.  

Now, I could easily have gotten all three items at the grcery store around the corner.  I could have also stocked up on bottled water, since I’m reduced to practically licking the spout for hydration, but I didn’t.  Instead I made due, because I was working very contentedly and these things only came up on my radar when I needed them.  And there was the pesky threat of the Memorial Day crowds to encourage my hermitish behaviors…

But I guess what I’m getting at is that I can completely forget about the real world when I’m visiting worlds of my own making, but (and here is where I tell myself to get off my ass and go the store) Tiffany, the real world is the one you live in, so go get some goddamned toilet paper!

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