Pens, please… and brads!

In The Daily Drool on May 22, 2009 at 10:35 am

Are there others amongst you who absolutely ADORE business supply stores?  

Everytime I walk into a Staples, or OfficeMax, or some tiny specialty store selling delicate pens and paper, I go absolutely gaga.  I can pass vast quantities of time meandering amongst the shelves, mesmerized by fancy inks and fasteners.  And I’m not even that organized!  Come to my house and you’d be appalled at the stacks of things waiting for filing, but set me in amongst the labels and bins, and I’m one happy clam.

And I’m sure it’s because I love to write, love to print out those pages and preen, but a couple years ago when mom asked me what I wanted for Christmas, the most exciting thing I thought to ask for was a 3-hole punch and some paper!  

So, it’s the simple things, I suppose, and the beauty of a new found pen that glides, glides, GLIDES across the paper, that can add a smile to my face.


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