Shower Cat

In Essays, The Daily Drool on May 20, 2009 at 2:10 pm

Two things that don’t go together – Cats and Water.

Well, meet Midnite, who’s shower obsession has got me turning on the tap for her eager tongue on an all too frequent basis.  I mean, it’s my own fault – she’s just so damn cute!  Sitting there, staring at the tap with such hungry intent… it breaks my heart to see the little wheels turning in her kitty brain, so desperately yearning for the thing to turn on, and not having a clue what makes it so.   Eventually, the smoke fogging her water-lust, she lets out that plaintive “MEEEOOW” and looks up to me, The Human, to come to her thirst-quenching rescue.  

Never mind the fact that there is water in the hall for her. 

Never mind the fact that she was just in the sink, licking that faucet. 

The tub water must be truly orgasmic, truly refreshing, truly The Best.  So I cave, and I let it drip, and she puts her little ears back happily as she laps it up. And I smile at her cute, simple pleasure.   It’s a shower, and she has no idea what it’s for, how it works, or why it’s there, other than to offer up a few licks of water.  

Makes me wonder what things in the this world we’re licking without understanding… er, metaphorically speaking.

Shower Cat


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