Mixing with the Nomads…

In Essays, The Daily Drool on April 27, 2009 at 11:05 am

Turning the tables on myself, I awoke to a (surely confused) alarm ring… I mean, it was still dark outside, my eyelids were stubbornly sticky, and the cats!  Oh, the cats were none too pleased to have their sleepy-time interrupted like that.  But as I reached to check the time, I groaned with displeasure.  It was 3 a.m. and I did in fact have to start a very busy day.

Now, let me just say that waking up at 3 a.m. is nonsense.  It’s a terrible time to try and pry your body from bed.  Especially when you’ve barely just crawled into the damn thing.  ESPECIALLY when you’re a writer who sometimes doesn’t even go to bed until that time!  So I couldn’t help but feel that I had slipped into some kind of evil time warp.  But it was a big day, the last day actually, on the craft services job, and I had to get to set by 4 a.m. in order to make breakfast for everyone. (I had been there until 10:30 the night before too… SOOO… operating on fumes, I hauled my ass to the car, got on the 10 and prayed that I wouldn’t fall asleep again on the going.)  

And it was a crazy morning.  Hell, the whole weekend was crazy.  There was a lot of  running around, preparing of snacks, not to mention I single handedly made 80 turkey pesto sandwiches… an event that took me about 4 hours total as I kept getting interrupted by empty coffee pots and vacant snack trays.  So, Sunday morning rolls around and I couldn’t wait to get myself back home to nap.  But when I did finally make it home, smelling of kielbasa and pesto, and all other sorts of nibblery that I had been preparing, I looked around and felt a very deep pang of loneliness.  For I’ve gotten very used to seeing these people every day.  I’ve really enjoyed heading into work and making snacks.  I’ve enjoyed the comraderie and jokes, and now it’s finished!  

Because this life… the production life… is incredibly nomadic.

You work intimate hours with a huge group of people, you develop a routine and whole little community- you may not always get along.  You may not always like what you are doing – but you are all in it together, creating a project that requires hundreds of hands!  And then, quite suddenly, you make it to the finish line, sigh with content at all the hours you are going to now have to get back to your own life, and disband – everyone scattering to the next gig.  

It really is a carnival of a life.   And I’m going to miss it.  

But I don’t think I can handle the uncertainty of knowing where the next gig is going to come from.  I don’t think I could do these crazy hours on a regular basis… I haven’t seen some of my friends since this job began, simply because I was always at work or sleeping in preparation for more work.  

So today – upon my return to the unemployment line – I’m sleeping in, taking it easy, and I might try to tackle the HUGE laundry monster growing in my bedroom.  And tonight I will attend the wrap party and enjoy the people I’ve come to know so well before we all scatter into our separate tomorrows…

Nomads.  All of us.


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