The Ebb and Flow…

In Essays, The Daily Drool on April 20, 2009 at 7:02 pm

There is a definite ebb and flow to my nature… sometimes carrying along like a hyper sprite, and sometimes drifting like a tuft of cotton, I manage to make my way through the changes and learn a little about myself in the process.  But lately I’ve been in a constant state of flux and this uncertainty is making for rocky weather.

The job ends in a week, and although it was only a two month gig, I find that I will genuinely miss the people (and the food!).  

I thought that this time would allow me to lay out a clearer path… to be able to step out of this job and into something a little more… permanent.  Instead I find myself headed back to the unemployment line and a frantic scanning of Craigslist ads.  Is it really about faith and patience, or is fate telling me to (cough, cough) get the hell out of LA?  Because I can write anywhere… and I have this lovely degree keeping me company… but there isn’t any clear cut path to getting produced.  So instead of marching steadily forward, I keep bouncing along, looking for some sort of sign to tell me what to do.  

I hope I find it soon, I’m starting to get a little seasick.


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