New Sparks and Old Flames

In Dating, Essays, The Daily Drool on April 16, 2009 at 5:32 pm

Comfy in old sweats and a hasty ponytail, it wasn’t the awe-inspiring re-meet that I would have preferred, but it certainly wasn’t awful either.  What is it about the fates that make them so fond of parading your past in front of you right as you are stepping forward?  I ran into an ex today… one that really took the wind out of my sails… a day after a lovely date with a new man so adorable I just want to squeeze him every chance I get.  Life, it seems, really is all about the laughter.

And it wasn’t painful, it wasn’t electric.  It just… was.  There we were, two people that used to know one another who no longer do.  Isn’t this existence strange?  We bump and collide with so many different people in our lives, and occasionally we stick together for a time… but ultimately, when it doesn’t work out, we drift apart and the people we used to be together drift away from us as well – remaining in the past, a polaroid of love or friendship or disfunction…  But always alive in our memories, irregardless of how the relationship passed.  

So I went my way, and he went his.  And as I drove home I had to sit with the old me for a mile or two before I recognized that she was visiting only to show me just how far I’ve come in the in-between.  

Life, it seems, really does play by it’s own drum, and I’m quite excited for the next beat.


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