In Essays, The Daily Drool on April 8, 2009 at 10:27 am

I love my mom!

She calls me today to clarify (re: yesterday’s post) that what she really said is that I can’t write my own story.  

Hmmm… I must not have liked that much because I rewrote it.  Haha.  

It’s a bit different than what I spent so much time pontificating…  But of course, as usual, she’s got a good point; You can set yourself in a direction, eyes on a goal (or many) but you don’t get to decorate the path you then set out on.  Things happen (or don’t), friends come (and go), and people come along to play parts in your life irregardless of the “direction” you would have them take… you don’t get to “Write” them into your life, they just come along as they are.  That’s why life is so surprising (and challenging.)

Well, for a control freak like me, that’s not the easiest thing to swallow, but of course she’s right.  I can spend hours, weeks, or years even, crafting characters into the appropriate shape to make a story great, but MY STORY, the one that I’m living?  It’s being crafted by someone/something else… even if that “Else” is just time and chance…  

So, really, it compliments the bits I talked about yesterday, because whether it’s a tendency to forego what’s in front of you in an effort to see into things, or a wish to be able to write better dialogue, the point is the same:  It’s time for this girl to stop fussing so much over every detail and just live her own story one page at a time.


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