Seeing Into Things

In The Daily Drool on April 5, 2009 at 9:28 am

I heard something interesting yesterday… My mom told me that I live my life as though I am constantly trying to find the story.  Almost as though, as a storyteller, I’m predisposed to look for the dramatic/thematic elements in order to make sense of the world around me.  And sometimes, because this is real life, there just aren’t stories to be had.


So I’m thinking, about the “Rules” of Tiffany’s Perspective, and I think that she’s hit on something here.  For I have recently come to my own conclusion that I spend too much time peering into things.  I’m constantly trying to dimensionalize the people, places, events around me, and sometimes Tiffany (I’m talking to myself here) a thing’s just a thing.  A person’s just a person.  There is no secret depth to investigate, there are no mysterious buttons that, once discovered, unfold hidden layers unto the universe.   Or as my mom said so clearly, sometimes there’s just no story to tell…

Or, the story is so simple, so obvious, that there really isn’t anything left to discover… it’s written all over his face.

Because we’re talking about relationships here.  And I am practically the Indiana Jones of relationships.  I’m constantly hanging on to them way past their expiration dates, digging and dodging spears, looking for that golden statue that makes the struggle worth while.  A true dreamer at heart, I must still cling to  the romantic notion of The Big Gesture – a storytelling term in which the hero/heroine overcomes his/her dramatic flaw in order to prove their worth to the beloved.  It’s this gesture that shows their true commitment and dedication to loving this person, and we (the audience) walk away knowing that these two lovebirds will be okay after that cathartic shift.  All the struggle and strife = happy ever after.



That’s engineered… it’s a story crafted on rules written by Aristotle, and the reason we buy it is because we want to believe it’s possible, but once out from behind the lights and cameras, Mr. and Mrs. Heroine go right back to being their real, flawed, far from storybook selves.

So what am I doing?  

Well, I know what I’ll be doing from now on – taking things on face value is hard for a dreamer and imaginator (cool new word) – because I AM always looking for a story.  I pull inspiration from the world around me like a twisted little sponge.  But I think the trick is understanding where the story starts and stops.  I may be able to imagine and see potential behind the eyes of another, but the real life actions that they take should be the measure by which I hold them as opposed to anything I think I’m seeing inside.  

Because characters might be fascinating, multi-dimensional beings with which to while away the hours, but sometimes people are only as deep as the skin they inhabit.  So, I’m taking off my Indian hat, for although I could be wrong about some of this, it is becoming increasingly clear to me that even if a person is rife with secret depths to unlock and explore, unless they invite you in, that key belongs to someone else, and I’ve not the time or energy to go wastingon safaris anymore.  

Because drama is great on screen or between the binding, but when it comes to our lives, we want as little of that messy stuff as possible!

  1. Ah but everyone DOES have a story! It’s just that it may not be as interesting or appealing as we might like, and their part in our life story may not be what we would like to “write”. Face value: If someone declines the cake, there’s no need to find out why.

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