In Essays, The Daily Drool on April 4, 2009 at 9:08 am

Places of healing. Medical meccas.  A center for… STRESS.  

This week dad landed back at the hospital where he had his heart transplant almost 10 years ago.  Returning after all this time brings back a flood of anxieties and memories… it didn’t take long for Mom and I to seek out familiar food, the old favorite restaurants… even a jog through Target seemed strangely comforting as we navigate these un-comfortable waters.

Last time we were here, well, we all agree we don’t really remember it all.  The body is a miraculous machine and it has particularly well designed mechanisms for coping.  I find myself steadily ready for a comfy place to sleep, my natural reflex in time of worry being to take a nap.  “Just sleep through it!”  As though the sleeping will make it all fade away.  But time itself has a way of doing that… because if you really remembered every painful little bump you’d never want to get out of bed for fear of running into something else.

So we’re here and  everyone is on their game, and we’re waiting.  And we’re seeking out the things that make us feel better.  Like my dad asking for ice cream, or mom and I snacking on donut holes in the hotel room, or listening to a good song on the drive up the hill… and really, it’s all such a worrisome moment that it’s just a relief to have family and loved ones to lean on and take comfort with along the way.


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