Sneaky, sneaky me

In Essays, Playwriting, The Daily Drool on March 29, 2009 at 4:43 pm

Every day I walk the same earth as you, and yet everyday I wonder if it’s true.  Am I really seeing what you see?  Am I really living, breathing, eating the same life?  Because I constantly see another world atop this one;  A complex web of possibilities stretched across every cell, every membrane, until it’s just a yawning blur of  racing colors and smears reaching into oblivion.

It’s not always there… this “Otherness” – more ethereal than anything – it exists just between my eyelids and my eyes.  It creeps up sudden-like, nimble paws silent on its path, giving away nothing in its approach.  Naught from the wind, it comes springing upon me without scent or sight or sound – but swiftly my thoughts go to it and I am there – seeing the great “What if” of it, seeing into hearts, minds, souls.  They become literary before me, a sum of all their parts.  I can’t turn it off, and the world gets reduced to a puzzle, something I must figure out, rearrange, put together and hang on a wall.  

It’s the reason I write.  It’s the reason I can sit for hours staring into space – watching my own private drama unfold before I ever put pen to paper, finger-tip to key… This elusive nether-world carries me along, sometimes more familiar than the solid holding my shape.  It’s home, and yet it is a wisp.  It’s invisible, yet sometimes it is more real than any reality I try to live in.  

It’s always with me, this delightful indulgence, and I delight in its arms.

  1. Wow, I just loved this post, really, it is wonderful, and I understand what you mean, it’s the same (more or less) for me.

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