In Essays, The Daily Drool on March 3, 2009 at 9:04 pm

What dismal deity did I upset to land such a shower curtain as this?  I can think of scarce other hotel punishments as unpleasant as wrestling with a clingy curtain.  More upsetting than the thing’s cold, needy grasp is the thought that this little practitioner of perversion probably gets such kicks with every inhabitant of room 120, and I doubt that the cleaning staff knows of it’s naughty inclinations.

So, while I’d love to lobby a complaint with the Shower Ethics Board, I suppose there’s naught to do but hug the wall whilst I soap up my hair and try not to let out too loud a shriek every time it manages a lick.  Not the most relaxing of courses to take of course,  but certainly better than letting that wisp of filth take advantage of me!


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