Rule number one about unemployment…

In Essays, The Daily Drool on February 10, 2009 at 8:26 pm

…Get out of your pajamas!

A friend of mine has been repeating this mantra to me all weekend (not that I’ve been living in my jam-jams because I have been too busy with a play reading to luxuriate in their cotton comfort) but, well, now it’s Tuesday and here I sit, jammied up, breaching the noon time hour.

But isn’t life a much happier, more relaxing thing when allowed to skulk around one’s apartment in one’s pajamas?  Hair sticking out at strange angles, the sands of sleep still tugging at your eyes?  Pretty, maybe not.  Productive, hardly.  But good for the unemployed soul?  I say yes.

Because there is something deeply soothing (for me at least) in the sanctity of my bed, and all things associated with it.  A nice pair of socks and my happy pillow make all the troubles of the world seem further away.  In bed, or draped in loungewear, I can curl up safely and practically purr with contentment – removed from the world of worries and anxieties that seem to come with my shoes.  

(And, just so I don’t get a barrage of “Get off your butt and start handing out the resume!”s… I am starting a new job in March.)  

The next three weeks are just going to be a sort of experimental unpaid vacation… and let me tell you, the jammies might just be playing a starring role.


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