Ahhh, the suffering artist…

In The Daily Drool on February 1, 2009 at 7:05 pm

I’m standing in the unemployment line (cyberly speaking – one can do these things online nowadays) and I’m considering the line of tap-tap-tappers at my back;  Sallie Mae, Citibank, the illustrious and ever stingy apartment owners who pinch such pennies that I’ve oft wondered how much I could sue them for falling down the steep, unlit stairs to my car…   when it occurs to (in my fit of shock, irritation, and bad temper) that I did this.  

I don’t mean I got myself fired… because, like much of “Newly Unemployed America”, I got laid off due to budget cuts, due to the poor economy, due to our propensity to “Buy now, pay later”  And that’s what I’m doing.  Paying.  

But it’s hitting particularly close to home, as I contemplate where to go next, that I haven’t ever put my efforts towards securing employment…  That my whole educational career is contingent upon my ability to make magic with my imagination… That in order to flaunt that beautiful MFA in Playwriting, I have to write some damned impressive plays!  And then they need to get produced, and probably published before that MFA will help me get the teaching gig I’m salivating over.  

I did this.

I didn’t study numbers, or law, or medicine… One could look back over my years of study and come up with a terrific list of things I could have studied and been done with and EMPLOYED IN by now… but I didn’t want to study those things, they were boring

Well, the uncertainty of unemployment sure isn’t boring, I’ll tell you that.   

And so, I hit “submit” and sigh as the digital-Tiffany gets sent off to processing along with the other poor cyber-souls adding to the 10% unemployment rate here in L.A.  And I pull out that rusty, trusty server resume and imagine myself somewhere far, far away, sipping something fruity and alcoholic out of a coconut… and I relish that this, at least, does not require a paycheck.

  1. I think you’ve found another place for your writing talent 🙂

  2. On behalf of us all, welcome to unemployment land. It’s a fun place to be! I hope you find a job that will give you good writing material. That’s one nice thing about being creative, every new experience is a chance to plant some seeds. The unemployment plant can be very fruitful. it’s going to be ok 🙂

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